Mar. 30th, 2011

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Long day at the conference is looooooong. The buses came to pick us up at 7:15am and dropped us back for the scheduled dinner at 7:30pm. Oy. Of course, I and several others said no to the bus and walked the 20 minutes or so to the hotel and back.

Late afternoon, we had a giant video conference call and I happened to be sitting near the front of the crowd and had a good look at myself on the big screen. Yeah, that sweater is really not flattering. Note to self: never wear it again.

Dinner was a hell of a lot of wine and appetizers circulated by waiters. This had us quite nervous about the amount food we'd get, but it turned out they were just saving the little bowls of pasta and sliders for later in the evening. The veal meatloaf with mashed potatoes was really really good. Whew.

When I got back to my hotel room that night, I discovered one of my earrings was missing. It's one of my very favorite pairs - I wear them all the time and have never lost one before, dang it. I walked back to the restaurant, searching the halls of the hotel, the sidewalk, and the restaurant floor to no avail. No luck with the waitstaff or the front desk at the hotel either. My roommate asked if I could have lost it at the conference hotel since we were there all day. I tried to call the other hotel but couldn't figure out the phone, so I just called the switchboard of my own hotel and asked them to connect me. She seemed surprised/confused by my request but she did it. Good service. I managed to correctly greet the lady at the other hotel and ask her to switch to English in German then asked if anyone found my earring. She asked me to describe it then said someone found it on the sidewalk out front and turned it in. Yay!

Then I promptly fell asleep with the light on. Oops. And I got an automated phone call at 4am reminding me of the dentist appointment I forgot to cancel. Doh. Then I couldn't fall back asleep and accidentally set my phone to play a really annoying tune every time I turned it on to check the time. My roommate must hate me. I finally fell asleep and had a series of nested dreams where I'd "wake up" from one and be in another, then "wake up" from that one and so on.

Ok, that's the end of my boring travel update for the day. :)


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