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I had a very nice Thanksgiving with [ profile] wintergr3y. We slept in, then got up and watched the parade while drinking mimosas (my favorite T-day tradition). The coverage was better this year - more actual footage of the floats and bands and less pointless commentary and shameless plugs. I also finished up my latest crochet project during the parade: a new, large throw for P in his favorite color (since the last one I made him was too small and I couldn't find matching yarn to enlarge it). We're both sitting under it snugly right now. :)

After the parade, I called and talked to my family and then we played Dance Central for a while. I tried a new strategy of working through each song/routine from easy to hard all in one go. Worked pretty well. Plus it's pretty much the only video game P will ever get me to play.

By the time we finished and cleaned up, it was late afternoon so we just read for a little bit before getting started on dinner prep - setting the table, laying out pots and pans, chopping vegetables and herbs and such. We were going to take another break and wait for our guests (P's mom and her friend) to arrive, but more prep meant more time to chat when they arrived so we kept working and then they were late (got lost), so dinner was ready just a few minutes after they walked in the door. I stalled a bit so there would be at least a little chat time in the living room before we sat down to:

- Salad of butter lettuce, tomatoes, warm saute of prosciutto/chanterelle mushrooms/shallots & herb vinaigrette dressing (homemade)
- Mashed potatoes with herbs (chives and thyme) and butter
- Pan-roasted duck breast with a cherry/madeira sauce

Our guests brought a delightful Pinot Noir that went perfectly with dinner and a peach pie and really good vanilla ice cream. It worked out great all around - good food and good company.

After they left, we cleaned up (mostly I watched P do the dishes) and then watched a movie. So... we've been having a blast taking disco lessons from Richard Powers for the past month. Several times he's mentioned Saturday Night Fever and how you can see a specific move or line dance in the movie. Since I couldn't remember seeing the whole thing (turns out I'd seen none of it) and Paul hadn't seen it, we rented it. Ugh. I foolishly forgot in my enthusiasm for the silly, happy dancing that nothing else in the 70's was good - especially the movies. I swear every one I've seen is dark and depressing full of ugly people and awful deeds. Saturday Night Fever was no exception (well, except for the dance scenes) and I wanted to scrub my brain afterward. So I made Paul watch the first Transformers movie which I find bright and happy and mindless, and it helped me go to sleep without nightmares. Plus I got more ice cream. I'm calling it a win.

I hope everyone had a day of warmth, loved ones, and good food! I plan to hide from the world today since we're heading into the city tomorrow to celebrate our anniversary (NINE years since our first date!!) with shopping, dinner at One Market, and a night in a nice hotel. We'll be at Dickens on Sunday til it's time to pick up C from the airport.
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