Jan. 31st, 2011 09:57 am
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Day two of being sick. Not as bad this morning, though. At least until I took a shower and almost fainted. :( I managed a controlled slide to the bottom of the tub and stayed there till I got my equilibrium back. Feel fine now - wheezy, congested, and sneezing but not light-headed. Glad I decided to work from home.

Plan for the day: stay on the couch, drink tea, eat oranges and chicken soup, make some progress on my documents for work.

In the meantime, I saw a few people doing "things to do before I die" lists the other day. I couldn't come up with 25 things, but here's what I've got (in no particular order):
  • Cruise around the world - I've been on 4 cruises now (1 solo) and I quite enjoyed them. I'm a bit of a water spirit and I would dearly love to circumnavigate the globe in this fashion. I just need time and money and someone who wants to go with me (C & P were not as fond of the cruising experience and that was just a week - not sure if they'd tolerate 3 months).
  • Live abroad - I was a bit too chicken to do this in college when it would have been relatively easy, so now I'm planning to do it when I retire (my chance to live in Ireland for 3 months for work fell through). I love to travel and I want the chance to get to know a place deeply, which requires living there. Current dream: 6 months in London (spring to fall), a few months in Paris, then the rest of the year in southern climes following the sun. I just need to retire (and convince P that he wants to do this with me and C).
  • Fly in a small plane - I've had the opportunity to fly in a helicopter twice in the past few years and a hot air balloon last October for my birthday. I love flying and I'd like to experience a small plane, too. A nice little seaplane ride through the San Juans would be great. Keeping my eyes open.
  • Re-learn to play the piano - I took lessons for a year in elementary school and another year in high school (both times my teacher left - the first left for college and the second just disappeared after saying she'd be back in a couple of months). I have no natural musical talent, so it's just a matter of being diligent and practicing and thinking about it. I just haven't wanted it bad enough yet to carve out the time. 
Other than those, I want to keep doing what I'm doing to get the stuff I want - a house with C & P, travel (everything from carnival in Venice to wine-tasting in New Zealand to Comic Con every year for the rest of my life), and being healthy and happy. Working on it. 
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