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I managed to get about 10 hours of sleep so jet lag was not a problem on day two. Instead, I find I am very allergic to something that's blooming here or a very popular perfume or both. My eyes and itching and watering like mad, I've sneezed a hundred times, and I'm congested. Bleh.

I had a good day anyway. Got up and had breakfast with the roommate and ran into a teammate there. Nice to chat with someone I actually know. I've deeply impressed my roommate with my mad travel skills: my suitcase is "tiny," I brought both an adapter and a power strip, and I booked a tour in advance so I had something to do today.

The tour was nice. Our guide was actually Japanese, so there were I few times I lost him in between his accents (his tour narration was in English, but I heard him speak fluently in Japanese and German as well). He was knowledgeable and friendly though and those are them main points you want in a tour guide. We did a quick jaunt through Zurich - pointing out the major landmarks and statistics - then got out of town. Our first stop was Rapperswil aka the city of roses. Sadly, the roses weren't out yet so we saw a lovely barren garden, the local castle, and a lovely church before lunch. I've been sticking to local cuisine so I had the house special - a "cheese pie" - for lunch. I was expecting something like a pot pie or a Cornish pasty but with cheese; what I got was sort of a very thin cheese quiche on pizza crust. It was tasty though. Next stop was the capital of Liechtenstein, Vaduz - a tiny town in a tiny country. It was raining and I found a brief spot of free wifi while browsing in a souvenir store. *shrug* Not much to say about it really. The flag was up so the royal family was home. /factoid

Our third and final stop was Heidi's house. Above the real village that the author mentions in the book, they built a house that was used in the black and white German movie version of the story. Then the government came in and step up all of the Swiss locations from the book - the tiny village, Peter's house, Grandfather/Alm-Uncle's hut, and the high mountain meadow where all the good stuff happens. Heidi's house is sort of in the tiny village at the bottom and it's a two hour round trip hike to the top so I didn't get to see everything, but it was charming and there were adorable goats with bells on their collars. I bought a little wooden one in the souvenir store. :)

We got on the bus to head back and that's when it finally hit me that my misery was allergies (duh!) and that I had no antihistamines with me. So I suffered and dozed (and finished reading Heidi) on the way back. Then hopped on the closest tram and came back to the hotel for antihistamines. They helped somewhat so I didn't look too terrible video-chatting with P who caught me online before I went to dinner.

Everything by the hotel was closed, so I walked back toward the center of town and found a sort of tapas bar where I had a lovely Rioja and some yummy pasta with Serrano ham. Not local but by that point I didn't care and it was good. (Last night I had veal strips in creamy mushroom sauce and rosti aka hashbrowns which come with just about every local dish.)

Finally it was back to the hotel, where I sat in the bar with a glass of wine and read some more. It was mostly empty when I got there and slowly filled up with co-workers as the night progressed. It was loud and jumping by the time I bailed. I sat by myself the whole time as I suck at mingling and didn't even notice most of the people arrive because I was reading. Oh well.

Now it's time for bed as I have actual work in the morning!


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