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Another early morning as I went back to the conference hotel from the day before to retrieve my earring then on to the local office for our first session at 8am. The conference is very interesting and useful at least. :)

Our activity yesterday was to take the train up a local really big hill/small mountain and have fondue for dinner. They gave us a ton of time to walk to the train station so we were just sort of milling about there for 20 minutes before our train left. It was interesting going out on a regular commuter line and seeing where a lot of people live in the "suburbs" - not only do trains go everywhere, there are walking/biking paths all over the place. We went all the way to the end of the line and our restaurant was right there at the train station. We had mulled wine while gazing out over the valley - a different perspective from the usual since metro Zurich was hidden by the hill. The dinner was salad, a giant pot of hot bubbling cheese with chunks of bread and little potatoes to dip in it, and dessert (custard). The cheese was tasty, but I would have really liked some other stuff to dip in it - say a vegetable or two?

After dinner, there was some confusion on train tickets back to the hotel, but it got sorted out eventually. Then at the station, we had 4-5 people with maps to get back to the hotel from the station and another 15 people or so that milled about again. None map holders (other than me) seemed to know how to read them. I marched up the block, found the landmark and street named on the map, and yelled at everyone to follow me. It worked! The guy in the front of the pack with me was my teammate on crutches. There were a few jokes about the fastest way between two points is to follow the guy with only one leg. It amuses me that sales people, who travel all the time, don't know how to get around in a strange/new city.

Back at the hotel, they settled into the bar and for the first time, I hung out for a couple of glasses of wine. I got to chat with the co-worker on crutches about his travels in Israel and Egypt. Definitely on my list of trips to do, just not right now. He had some good advice on assessing the situation to decide when to go. Then it was midnight and I went to bed because Friday morning we start at 8am again.

Bis morgen (until tomorrow)!


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