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It seems very weird to me that it's raining already. In my head, it never rains before November and December is more likely. Oh well.

I've got a very packed weekend - FNW tonight, haunted house prep during the day tomorrow, church play tomorrow night, brunch with Paul's dad and stepmom early on Sunday morning, and matinee of the church play Sunday afternoon. I'll be ready to collapse on Sunday night.

Yesterday, I worked from home so Merry Maids could come and work their cleaning magic on our house. Wow, I'd forgotten what some stuff looked like actually clean. Now that it's done, we're ready to start some of the home improvement projects to prep the house for sale or rental. First up is probably painting my bathroom. Yay!

We're also doing a lot of editing for the possible move because we've filled up a three bedroom house and we probably won't find a bigger house and we'll have to combine stuffs with Paul. We started going through the books last night and I pulled several things from my closet this morning. I need free day to do a thorough sort, but I'll be primed for a clothing swap after. Keep me in mind, local ladies!

In other news, one of my brothers is in a band (he plays guitar) and they've released a sneakpeek of their upcoming album. Take a listen if you like punk or even if you're just curious:

Also, the new Bujold book is in our house. C's finished it but I don't have time to read it this weekend. Ack! I may explode from suspense...
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I used to read a lot of romance novels, but I can't really remember the last time I read one with no genre (sci-fi/mystery/etc) elements. Heck, I haven't read a lot of published novels of any kind for a while. Recently, I got the hankering again - probably due to finishing Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert (who also wrote Eat Pray Love) and looking forward to the wedding of friends this weekend. So I picked up a romance series about best friends who run a wedding planning business and site. I've already finished the first one and started the second in the series. They're complete and utter fluff. I forgot how comforting fluff can be. :)

So for a few days I'll have weddings on the brain. After that, I've already got a craving for a sci-fi romance that's sitting on my shelf at home and hopefully, I'll finally be ready for that steampunk series I picked up months ago... It's good to be in a fiction mood again.


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