Feb. 27th, 2011

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I had a good week: spent last weekend and the holiday enjoying LA with C and P, project at work crossed a major approval, got my car cleaned,  took P to the Linkin Park concert as an early birthday present, and so on. A bunch of friends/family members had bad to very bad weeks, starting with my aunt and uncle were in Christchurch during the earthquake (they and the rest of their group are ok and were evacuated by military cargo plane). I wanted to share my good week vibes with everyone having bad weeks - maybe it worked since my weekend has been fine but quiet so far. I spilled mustard on my favorite new pair of pants on Friday and multiple stain removal attempts failed on Saturday, but the rest of my laundry is done and put away. I sewed buttons onto a blazer and a coat that I got at the last clothing swap. I framed a print that my parents gave me and P from our trip to Rome. We'll see if I try to find a place to put it up here or if it will go live at P's until we consolidate households. C and I had a lazy evening on the couch, sort of watching tv while mainly watching our laptops. 

The plan for today is church, then P's coming over and we're going to a housewarming party. Tivo is getting the Oscars for me because I like to look at all the clothes and fast forward through most of the speeches. :) I don't think C and P are that interested though so we'll probably watch All-Star Superman instead. I still can't find my graphic novels of the same which is really annoying but I'm sure I'll enjoy the movie any way. 

And now in complete randomness, one of those question memes: )


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